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The definition of problems of OTS’ customers is multi various. Here below a list is mentioned of some subjects and activities in which OTS is and has been involved closely, regarding advice and design:

  • Thermal optimizations on chip level, both static and dynamic by means of CFD simulations.
  • Thermal optimization of components casing, both static and dynamic, by means of CFD simulations.
  • Design and optimization of electronic casing for inside and outside applications.
  • Design and testing of cooling solutions based on heat pipes for high power electronics, for instance  IGBT.
  • Development of a thermal IGBT module (1kW/ module) including the regulation for testing static and dynamic of cooling solutions for traction.
  • Design, testing and supplying of cooling solutions for cooling of batteries of an electrical coach.
  • Development, optimization and testing of heatsinks/cooling solutions for LED’s as technical partner of MechaTronics Taiwan.
  • Development and optimization of the heating of helidecks in order to keep these free from icing in winter.
  • Optimization of point heating.
  • Development of a FET-driver which is being used in the lab for testing for instance heatsinks and performance of cooling plates.
  • Development of the cooling for the Pharox LED-lights of NTL Lemnis.
  • Development of the cooling of a LED-based  high- and low beam applications for cars in the top segment.
  • Methods of measurement and setup for the determination of the response time (in milliseconds ) of temperature sensors.
  • Optimization and development of cooling for data- and telecom equipment.
  • Cooling of electronics in a vacuum.
  • Performing of climatological tests regarding temperature/humidity/sun/mechanics.
  • Warming-up of tracks on PCB, “joule heating.

Do you have a cooling- or heating floorer? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to be of service with our expertise.

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