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For the performance of thermal simulations OTS uses CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) packages, among others Celcius Thermal Solver (formaly 6SigmaET) of Cadence. Besides this OTS has over 25 years of experience with Flotherm.

On a daily base we solve thermal problems by using Celcius Thermal Solver (6SigmaET). We verify this package regularly by means of experimental testing (please check our case studies). Hereby we know how to make the transition from practice to an accurate simulation model.

Electronics Celcius Thermal Solver (6SigmaET)

  • Celcius Thermal Solver works with intelligent modelling macros (objects).
    Among others PCB’s, chips sockets and electronical components such as resistors and capacitors, temperature controlled fans and blowers, card- and drive bays.
  • Celcius Thermal Solver uses logical compositions, which simplifies some things strongly. For example a heat sink and interface material are always a part of a component and a component is a  regular feature of a PCB. The attachment of a fan to a wall automatically causes a hole.
  • The grid, one of the most important issues during the performance of thermal simulation, is automatically generated. Besides that this can also be adapted and expanded at one’s own perception.
  • The results of simulations are object depending. The critical temperatures and air flow patterns can be displayed directly. The report is very user friendly: the results can easily be interpreted and read and be exported to Excel.
  • The program operates with a  “version tree” that easily keeps up the variations and the progress from concept until definite design.
  • A handy function is the possibility to examine multiple models and variations at the same time. At a glance the differences are clearly visible.

Celcius Thermal Solver is extremely user friendly by the innovative intelligence and computerized functions. The designer that uses Celcius Thermal Solver will experience that he/she is able to focus more intensively on the design.

OTS has developed a practice-based course “CFD with practical insights“.

Please check our calendar for dates and locations.


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