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LED Celcius Thermal Solver

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Celcius Thermal Solver (6SigmaET)

Celcius Thermal Solver provides a wide range of intelligent modeling macros (objects).
Among other PCB’s, chips sockets and electronic components such as resistances and condensers, temperature controlled fans and blowers, card- and drive bays.

Celcius Thermal Solver enables modeling automation.
Objects regulate automatically place,  outlining, collision detection and error messages. Moreover the optimal grid is being determined automatically.

• The results of the simulation are object depending.
The critical temperatures and airflow patterns can directly be rendered from the objects. The report is very user-friendly: the results can easily be read and interpreted.

• The program adapts the result of every modification.
Thereby designers are able to organize modifications and variations and to keep up with the progress from concept till production.

This new innovation of intelligence and automation by 6SigmaET gives designers the possibility to focus more intensely to the design and less to software operations.
Result: a shortened learning curve, increased productivity and better integration with both electrical as well as mechanical design.


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