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The software that OTS uses is from Future Facilities. Herewith electronics in areas are made insightful thermally- and flow technically.  OTS is the representative of Future Facilities in the Benelux.

Future Facilities produces CFD software for the simulation of electronics and buildings HVAC. Their software mainly focuses on improvement and mapping of the cooling in service areas.

The software is subdivided in Design and Management. Here below you can read the content of what this exactly means.



6SigmaRoom enables designers and facility managers to design a new or existing facility. 6SigmaRoom becomes a 3D virtual area in which placement of equipment, cables, tubing/piping and so on show their interaction. 6SigmaRoom clarifies how thermal achievements are to be optimized. For further information: check the brochure of 6SigmaRoom.

6SigmaRoom Lite

6SigmaRoomLite is the entry level that represents a simple approach of the structure of a conceptual design with a clear and accurate image. It patterns, tests and analyses your complete datacenter including infrastructure, cooling, cabinets and equipment.

Other packages that OTS offers are:

  • 6SigmaRack
  • 6SigmaViewer




Sometimes alterations in the datacenter are necessary because of the market demand. This may cause a change in the architectural alignment in the datacenter which can lead to the arising of  hotspots. In order to prevent this, this package offers the possibility to make a visual simulation before the modification is made in practice. In this way can be predicted what will happen within the datacenter.

Other packages that  OTS offers are:

  • 6SigmaITM
  • 6SigmaRoomPlanner
  • 6SigmaRack
  • 6SigmaViewer
  • 3rd Party Integration


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