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Datacenters are being cooled already for years and years by means of air conditioning. Often the problem is that large temperature gradients occur in the room(s) because these are not being cooled optimally.  Therefore the room cannot be filled up fully with (new) equipment. Cause:  loss of both capacity and capital. This problem will be solved if the datacenters are being optimized regarding cooling. To achieve this OTS builds a (virtual) simulation model of your room and calibrates this model by performing experimental tests on location. Next an optimal thermal design will be determined on basis of research,  with several setups of both cooling as well as an optimal room layout.  The model also offers the possibility to predict the effect of changes and/or extensions before these are being implemented.

Following aspects are being regarded in the model: environmental conditions, air, sun, wind, what kind of air conditioning, compressor, adiabatic cooling with fresh air.

The thermal optimizations of your room always lead to a saving of energy use.

OTS uses the software of Cadence.

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