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Norbert  P. Engelberts is both founder and owner of Optimal Thermal Solutions (OTS) BV. Since 2012 he works as a thermal expert from his own agency, together with his dedicated team, for many different OEMs.

Since 1992 Norbert has been closely involved with electronic cooling. During his eleven years lasting tenure at Bell Labs Lucent Technologies (nowadays known as Alcatel Lucent) he got very experienced being head of the thermal design- and environmental testing group.

Before the foundation of OTS Norbert was from 2003 until 2011, together with Kaveh Azar, both owner and General Manager of ATS Europe BV: the European engineering and sales office of ATS Inc. His expertise lies in the area of electronic cooling in the broadest sense, like LED based lighting, military electronic, power electronic, traction, ASIC/Component, telecom, electric vehicles and medical electronics. Besides this Norbert teaches several courses in Thermal Management.

Also he is author of a chapter in the book “Thermal Management for LED Applications” written by Clemens J.K. Lasance & András Poppe, about the choice of  heatsinks for LED-applications.
At the same time he has published several articles for Qpedia and LEDs Magazine.

An interview with Norbert Engelberts can be found on youtube.

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